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Gate is uniquely positioned to dominate the regional mid-market advisory space

Strategic Adviser and Operational Restructuring

Strategic Adviser and Operational Restructuring

Gate Capital's corporate finance offerings capture the full spectrum of services required by our clients, including:

Gate Capital's corporate finance offerings capture the full spectrum of services required by our clients, including:

Dedicated & experienced team within the F&B sector, with substantial operational and on the ground turnarounds, covering staffing, procurement, brand building, improved accounting mechanisms as well as store building and market positioning

1- Macro Environment Building:

Gate provides a general overview of the regional market on QSR, casual and fine dining, focusing on the following:
Market Size Development;
Main QSR Segments;
Main QSR Players; and
Looking Forward: Trends and Habits.

2- Operational Strategy :

We run financial analysis of each operations covering P&L, segmented sales, food cost, operational structure & sales/product mix;Face to face discussions with operational team
Bolt-on acquisition; and Physical inspection of each outlet and meetings with key staff.

3- Business Plan Development:

Develop a 3 year business plan that is based on agreed upon strategy, focusing on expansion, sales growth, and improved profitability
Financial plans covering: P&L, sales and profit projections, preparation  of operational, marketing and other manuals.
Our approach also covers in detail how to go about the main business functions as follows:
Quality, Operations: Structures, Supply Chain: Human Resources and Location expansion strategy.

4- Implementation & Handholding:

Covering: Supplier negotiations; Operational training; Media negotiations; Participate in monthly sales meetings to give guidance in plan executions; and generate monthly progress report with details on  Food Cost analysis;
Wins and misses of the previous month; and
Corrective measures

5- Post Management:

Once a business is ripe and ready for transactional services whether bolt-on purchases, brand acquisition or partial/complete exit, Gate offers:

  • Post transaction integration
  • Executive board advisory role
  • Execution of financial and operational KPIs
  • Centralization and distribution structures
  • Team building and sourcing
  • Future expansions and franchising

Main Blocks for the Business Turnaround

1. Industry Analysis :
Analysis of Kuwaiti restaurant industry players, with focus on the Casual Dining segment, and in specific, Lebanese restaurant concepts

2. P&L Analysis :

- Detailed analysis of the P&L for each restaurant
- Analysis of segmented sales, food cost, labor cost, utilities and sales/product mix

3. Ops Restructure :

Restructuring the Operations team after making face-to-face interviews with RM's and above

4. Communication :
  Analysis of the communication strategy, its tools and executions

Increased Profitability

  • Shut down 2 restaurants that had low foot fall in their areas due to change in popularity and demographics of these locations
  • Expanded the commissary to cover the remaining 9 restaurants and centralized procurement .Developed new packaging sizes to reduce waste
  • Cross trained employees on different stations and adjusted labor schedule according to historic hourly sales to reduce head count
  • Conducted bi-weekly inventory checks to reduce theft to zeroDeveloped petrol control sheets to monitor deliveries & reduce cost

Increased Sales

Marketing :
Expanded menu offerings to cover 3 main items present at competing concepts: Rice, Shawarma and Daily Dish
Introduced catering section, mainly to corporate and events
Targeted Diwaniyas with special delivery menus which boosted delivery sales
Developed special discount cards for mall employees to boost mall units

Operations :
Developed monthly incentive plans for staff and management, with a separate one for the call center / delivery
Implemented mystery shopper and discussed reports on monthly basis with RM's and MUM's and developed action plans accordingly
Strictly applied the existing dissatisfied customer call back system

Restructuring Operations

  • Created a separate team for catering
  • Reduced key staff turnover by revising existing salary scales which were based on QSR, to casual dining scales, specially for chefs and restaurant managers
  • Reshuffled FOH and BOH employees, from just Arab expats, and added Philipinos.
  • 100% certification of management & crew FOH/BOH with a 6 months training agenda
  • Prepared Individual Development Plans (IDP) to be able to promote from within, for the high achievers
  • Break down the monthly controllable budget into weekly for better control and weekly corrective measures
  • Assigned new operations manager with Lebanese concepts experience


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